07-04-16 Field Work Update

Tanner Banks shares the field crews' recent accomplishments. Over the last two weeks, they've hand pulled cheatgrass, installed several fences, and treated acres of weeds.

Canada Thistle, Hawkweed, and Buck and Rail fencing
This year, weed-whacking took place in priority areas where thistle continues to be abundant.
A monoculture of Canada Thistle grows adjacent to the east boundary of MPG North.
Blooming Elk Thistle can be seen randomly throughout the property.
 We erected another large metal exclosure in the west meadow where plantings took place in 2015.
A brief lesson on Orange Hawkweed identification.
Orange and Meadow Hawkweed seedheads were collected the last two visits. Many known patches have not yet begun to flower.
We hand-pulled known Cheatgrass patches as well. Whole plants were bagged and transported off property to be disposed of.
Conifers crowded out deciduous trees in this stand that was planted several years ago.
 A fawn fell victim to the perils of nature.
Jeff Clarke captured this photo of a White-tailed doe that seemed un- phased by a close encounter with a man and his weed-whacker.
As high flows recede in Cooney Creek, stream sampling commences.
We constructed the first of several Buck and Rail fences last week.
After several days of rain throughout the Swan valley, the clouds lifted and revealed the simple beauty of snow-capped peaks.
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