06-22-16 Field Note

We planted 300 milkweed plants in the Entrance Meadow. Along the way, we noticed that plants in exclosures have expanded their territory.  

Posted on 6/22/2016 by Beau Larkin

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Last week, interns from the University of Montana’s Restoration Program planted about 300 showy milkweed plants.
We hope this rhizomatous and disturbance-tolerant plant will compete with Canada thistle and reed canarygrass in open areas.
After 11 years of protection from deer, these roses have grown tall and thick. They now shade out weeds. In 5-10 years, much of the Entrance Meadow will look like this.
Deer used to confine penstemon to its exclosure, but since we built the electric fence, this plant has penetrated the exotic forage grasses of the meadow.