12-22-15 Field Note

Beau Larkin shares observations of fresh and detailed Short-tailed Weasel tracks in the snow.  

Posted on 12/22/2015 by Beau Larkin

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Recent warm weather and freeze-thaw cycles restrict creek ice and snow to the tops of rocks and logs. Clear water flows ice-free elsewhere.
Most of the time, short-tailed weasels leave vague tracks in deep snow. Arrow indicates direction of movement
In perfect conditions, short-tailed weasels leave tracks in ‘high definition.’
This weasel sank in the soft snow (star), and it had to push 11 inches of snow out of its way to get out and keep moving.
Typical winter flocks have yet to arrive at feeders. Gray and Steller’s jays dominate feeders in the meantime.
The jays seem to find the suet feeders more attractive, but will eat seeds too. Their all-purpose beaks let them eat what’s available.
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