07-30-15 Butterfly Field Note

July is a great time to observe many different species of butterflies. Lorinda Bullington and Jeff Pippen share recent observations

Posted on 7/30/2015 by Lorinda Bullington
Bold summer colors and fresh blooms attract dozens of butterflies.
JP JP A Sylvan Hairstreak angles away from the camera while searching for nectar in cow parsnip flowers.
This Compton Tortoiseshell lies motionless in the wake of a light rain shower.
Lorquin’s Admirals exhibit possible territorial behavior and chase most objects that fly near. Their bold markings reflect their bold personality!
Dragonflies like this Pale Snaketail will use a low perch to search for prey.
Pacific Spiketails prey on various flying insects, including other dragonflies.
On another note, Jeff observed an unusual Common Garter Snake. It had the normal 7 upper labial scales, but the far right scale was laterally split.