04-27-15 Bird Field Note

Kellyn Fusfield describes avian activity during a spring day at MPG North. From waterfowl to songbird species, breeding season continues in full swing!

Posted on 4/27/2015 by Kellyn Fusfield


MPG North Field Note Birding on a Spring Day
A female evening grosbeak perched on an alder branch near her apparent mate. During breeding season, large winter flocks separate into monogamous pairs.
The male evening grosbeak (top) displayed more vibrant plumage than his female counterpart (bottom).
A male and female hooded merganser bobbed on opposite ends of Home Pond. Female hooded mergansers practice brood parasitism; they sometimes lay their eggs in the nests of other hooded mergansers.
Several western painted turtles basked on the log in Home Pond, soaking in the warm afternoon sunshine.
Six ring-necked duck males and three females swam around the north end of Home Pond near the buffleheads and hooded merganser female. The ring-necked ducks called to each other and dove for food.
Three pine siskins watched as I filled the Home Pond feeder. This brave individual perched only a few feet away from me. Their buzzing, zipper-like songs filled the air.