10-08-14 Field Note

Beau Larkin shares observations from a lazy fall day: ring-necked ducks linger in Home Pond, a mink left tracks from the night before, and we pieced together an old snowshoe hare skeleton.

Posted on 10/8/2014 by Beau Larkin

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Juvenile ring-necked ducks rested in Home Pond for much of Monday morning. The approaching cold front and rain forecasted this weekend might convince them to migrate.
Weasel tracks littered the soft mud among cattails in Home Pond. Track size makes both mink and longtailed weasel reasonable deductions, but long-tailed weasel’s furry feet often obscure their tracks.
We noticed this skeleton hidden under some debris. Possibly it is the remains of a snowshoe hare.
At 105 inches tall, this nine-year-old western white pine has graduated from its seedling establishment phase. It now climbs over one foot per year towards the sun.
Birch and cottonwood leaves senesced to a brilliant yellow along the Cooney Creek corridor.