05-15-13 Field Note

Rebecca Durham shares images and information regarding the spring growth of various plant species at MPG North

Posted on 5/15/2013 by Anonymous

Habitat Types: 

Brilliant yellow petals of pioneer violet perch above heart shaped leaves (Viola glabella).
Wild sarsaparilla emerges beside the warbling outlet of Home Pond (Aralia nudicaulis). Oregon grape flowers cluster into daffodil-like bouquets (Mahonia repens).
Soft new growth of western larch splays from umber fascicles (Larix occidentalis). Two species of strawberry grow in western Montana: Virginia strawberry and woodland strawberry. Virginia strawberry’s leaves are light green and smooth (above), and woodland strawberry has dark green leaves with ridged venation (Fragaria virginiana).
Pacific trillium’s flowers unfurl white then morph to lilac with maturity (Trillium ovatum).