Bobcat and other tracks, wolves, songbird and owl survey

Daily freeze-thaw cycles in the Swan this time of year obliterate most tracks within a day or two. We snowshoed around MPG North with a group of volunteers to see if we could find any identifiable evidence of animal passage (MM). 

Posted on 3/13/2012 by Beau Larkin
MPG North Field Note Bobcat and other tracks, wolves, songbird and owl survey 16 March 2012, Beau Larkin
This track leaves little detail (left, MM), but it led us to a cache with grouse and hare parts under a spruce tree (top right, MM). Felines tend to cache carcasses, and we’ve identified bobcat tracks in this area of the property before (map, lower right), but the track remains inconclusive.
Several wolf triggers appeared on the camera network March 7. One wolf walked in front of three cameras in six minutes (inset a - d)! A few tracks persisted until March 10 in the shade near a camera location (inset top left, MM). The orange arrow suggests a possible travel route.
Above: Several Ruffed Grouse tracks remained in icy preservation on the soft snow. Below: A snowshoe hare track is unmistakable, even when melted out
Tasks completed: • Winter songbird point count, species observed: • Pine Grosbeak • Barred Owl • Red-tailed Hawk • Black-capped Chickadee • Brown Creeper • Golden-crowned Kinglet • Bald Eagle • Canada Goose • Common Raven • Owl survey, no detections • Collected 200 willow cuttings for spring planting • Camera network inspections