07-26-11 Mycology Note: Tricholoma Species

Lorinda Hunt's mycology note explores a group of tricholoma mushrooms.

Posted on 7/26/2011 by Anonymous

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MPG North Mycology Note: Tricholoma species July 26, 2011 Lorinda Hunt The genus Tricholoma (Family: Tricholomataceae), consists of gilled, fleshy, ectomycorrhizal fungi. These mushrooms occur mostly in cooler, montane forests from spring through fall, often growing in groups or rings.
Identifying Tricholoma mushrooms at a species level can be difficult, as many species within this genus have similar features. Tricholoma display variation within species as well. The two Tricholoma caps below (images 3-4) show how same species mushrooms growing adjacent to one another can vary in form. This group of mushrooms was found near Cooney Creek in a mixed birch and cottonwood stand and most closely resembles the birch trich mushroom, (Tricholoma album). They fruit in groups or “troops” in birch...