06-06-11 Mycology Note: Sculptured Puffball

Lorinda Hunt's mycology note peers inside a sculptured puffball. 

Posted on 6/6/2011 by Anonymous

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MPG North Mycology Note: Sculptured puffball (Calvatia sculpta) June 06, 2011 Lorinda HuntCommon in the mountains of the western U.S., the sculptured puffball, (Calvatia sculpta) occurs under conifers, often along roadsides. They can grow up to 18 cm tall, and/or wide. When young, the sculptured puffball may be eaten and mushroom enthusiasts con- sider it better than most puffballs. However, as the mushroom ages, its inside turns from white to a brown or olive green color (below), and develops an iodine...