02-09-11 Field Note: Snow Depth and USFS Proposed Thinning and Insecticide Treatments for Pine Beetle

Beau Larkin's field note details current snow depth at MPG North and proposed silvicultural treatments to combat the invasive pine beetle on near by public lands.

Posted on 2/8/2011 by Beau Larkin

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Field Note: MPG North snow depth, USFS proposed thinning and insecticide treatments for pine beetle 9 February 2011 MPG Operations, Beau Larkin Snow, snow, and more snow. 18 inches of snow cover the ground on MPG North. Ice layers (image 1, red arrows) show that two thaw-freeze cycles occurred in this snow- pack. A weaker layer appears higher in the snow profile (blue arrows), possibly created by wind or sun exposure. Since that layer formed, 7 inches piled up on top of it (image 2, blue bar), mostly in...
USFS proposes thinning and insecticides for mountain pine beetle control in the Swan Valley. Should we be concerned? Although beetle infestations declined in 2010 as a result of the October 2009 cold snap (USFS presentation, image 3), the forest service worries that the beetle population could re- bound as it did between 1978-1980 (arrow, image 4). They propose commercial thinning over 250 acres at the Lion Creek project area about 11 miles northwest of MPG North, and insecticide treatments of 8,000— 10,...
Applicators will use high pressure hoses to drench the lower 50 feet of tree trunk with the Carbaryl solution. They must access trees with truck or ATV for application. Photo: USFS Carbaryl publication