09-17-07 Field Note: Grizzlies at MPG North

This field note shares some of the first 'Buckeye Cam' imagery captured of Grizzly Bears on the MPG North property.

12:05 pm, this grizzly crosses the road. She is headed up the small waterway that feeds the home pond. We have a second camera about 150 yards up this waterway recording activity at the entrance to the small bear den we installed a couple weeks ago.
Here she is at the second Den entrance camera 35 minutes later. She is posing a few feet in front of the small bear den we installed.
Over an hour later she is still there, and there are two cubs with her. Last year I saw a sow grizzly on the property with two small cubs. These cubs are twice the size of the ones I saw last year. I think it is very likely they are the same family of bears. If that is the case, these cubs are about one and a half years old.
Posted on 9/17/2007 by Dr. Phillip W Ramsey, Ph.D.