01-14-07 Field Note: Deer Management

Information on the Deer population and management initiatives in the Swan Valley.

Deer Management (1-14-07) I contacted Jim Williams, the wildlife biologist for the Swan Valley, about getting depredation tags to reduce deer numbers on the property. Jim has been doing research on deer in the Swan for most of his career. We talked about the current deer situation in the Swan. I’ve summarized some the information below. Jim expects that we will be able to get depredation tags, but a new biologist is taking over next month. Once that biologist is hired, Jim will help set up a site visit.
A microclimatic quirk of topography forms a rain shadow here where the snow doesn’t usually get too deep. 10,000 deer migrate to winter range in the vicinity of Goat and Squeezer Creeks. I had no idea, and will have to go see this for myself.
Evidence for migrant and resident deer populations from Buckeye Cams After talking to Jim Williams, it occurred to me that maybe we had been photographing the migration without realizing it. If that were the case, then we should have more pictures of deer headed north (toward Squeezer Creek) than south during the early winter. I selected 2 cameras located in places where the path of least resistance is oriented north to south. These cameras were the firebreak camera and the one on the road that we put up...
 This distinctively antlered buck passed by three cameras on its route across the property over December 11th and 12th. We had not seen this buck on the property before and we have not seen him since.
White-tailed Buck
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