05-06-14 Buckeye Blog

Buckeye Blog


Some of our Buckeye cameras failed to transfer images to the server last month, which resulted in many great captures we weren’t aware of. These images show the surge of wildlife activity at MPG North with the change of season.


Spring coaxed out grizzly and black bears. Our first bear on camera at MPG North appeared March 27, 2014, which marked our earliest bear capture yet. April held consistent bear action. Check back soon to see if we have bear cub images!

This grizzly spent early Easter morning on the property. It stayed at the Camp Road bear rub for about a minute.


The rub perhaps scratched the itch of a shedding winter coat.


When the bear finished rubbing, it continued north up Camp Road.


Ten days later, a grizzly resembiling the previous bear rested on North Bridge to peer into the creek.


This black bear walked east to west through the property. 



A bobcat remained in front of this Buckeye for over an hour, producing 28 images. This is the longest bobcat capture event we have on record! It groomed itself and stretched throughout its extended visit.


Buckeyes also captured a mountain lion two separate days this week, near Main Bridge and Home Pond.

Posted on 5/6/2014 by Kellyn Fusfield