About MPG North

Established in 2005, the property boundary at MPG North encloses 200 undeveloped acres in Western Montana’s Swan Valley. Researchers and field staff manage the property to improve habitat quality for wildlife, discover new ways to restore damaged landscapes and study forest ecology. We also create opportunities to share what we've learned with local conservation organizations, students of all ages, management agencies and volunteers. Through these education and outreach efforts, we seek to inspire others to work together and protect undeveloped landscapes.



  1. Established a remote camera network with 30 still cameras, four user-controlled streaming video cameras, five bird nest box streaming video cameras and landscape streaming video cameras to monitor wildlife use and capture reference footage on the property.
  2. Conducted bird point counts and focal species surveys annually since 2007 to document bird species use of the property and response to restoration activities. Participated in national backyard bird counts.
  3. Planted 12,000 native trees and shrubs to provide wildlife habitat, shade out invasive species and add aesthetic value to the landscape.
  4. Focused on western white pine (Pinus monticola) reforestation and ecology to add functional and structural diversity to the forested ecosystem.
  5. Collected vegetation and forest structure data on an 800-point grid to define habitat zones, prioritize restoration work, and test hypotheses related to plant community assembly, invasion biology, and management of invasive plant species.
  6. Hosted student groups from area schools and non-profit educational institutions to share what we've learned about forest restoration and provide an outdoor classroom.

Research and Restoration

Past logging and preparation for real estate development harmed the forest ecosystem at MPG North. Staff scientists and collaborators help us understand the consequences of these human-caused disturbances, their effect on wildlife, and the potential for restoration activities to restore ecosystem function and wildlife habitat. For more information on our research at MPG North, or to inquire about opportunities for collaboration, please click here or contact info@mpgnorth.com (northinfo@mpgranch.com).

We collaborate with individuals in both the private and public sectors to advance our research, restoration and educational goals:


MPG North is not currently acccepting resumes.