Planted Shrub and Tree Report

Beau Larkin describes the progress with planted trees and shrubs. Plants in large fences grew taller and wider than plants in small plastic exclosures.  


Shrub and Tree Growth - Progress and Challenges

Near Entrance Pond, willow, dogwood, and birch tripled in size between 2012 and 2016.

Conifers near the Entrance Gate struggled from 2012 to 2015.

Mountain ash’s lackluster establishment and growth suggests that MPG North is too dry for this plant.

We measured trees and shrubs in most of the planted areas this year

This large hawthorn near Cooney Creek. stood 10.2 feet tall and 5.5 feet wide

Deer remove all growth that escapes the exclosure every year.

Metal Fences Lead to Rapid Increase in Growth

 Near Home Pond, the field crew’s fence cut through the middle of a plot

 Near Home Pond, the field crew’s fence cut through the middle of a plot

Stars on the map above show the locations of metal fences that the field crew built.

Over the summer, the field crew also built seven buck and rails around planted areas, cottonwoods, and aspens.

The crew built a large buck and rail around Entrance Pond.

On the west side of Entrance Pond, most of the shrubs are still less than 4 feet tall, so we will leave the plastic exclosures on for one more year.

Orange borders on the map show where the field crew build buck and rails in 2016.

Height by Year of Planted Species

Growth in Plots