02-23-15 Field Note

Tracks in the snow reveal that at least three moose visited MPG North this month. Lorinda Bullington also shows the stark contrast between this year's snowpack and last year's.

MPG North Field Note Snowmelt and Moose
The current landscape displays a much different palette than at this same time last year.
Much of winter’s snowpack has melted in the valley, but ponds and marshes retain a fragile layer of ice.
Cottonwood trees abound with buds.
Huckleberry and other woody shrubs also show buds ready for spring.
Two moose were captured on the camera network last week. Tracks revealed that at least three moose crossed this decommissioned road (dotted lines), before moving farther west. The map displays all observed moose occurrences this month.
In areas where tracks had melted out, scat helped to differentiate moose hoof prints from other ungulates.
Icicles encased trees and woody debris near the Homepond Drainage.
Posted on 2/23/2015 by Lorinda Bullington